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We must avoid to disturbing the birds. It is essential to:
• don’t frighten or Chase birds, or expose them to danger;
• don’t approach nests and disrupt the chicks and their parents;
• do not use sound recordings or imitate the voice of birds when they are breeding or when conditions are harmful to them;;
• do not bring dogs or cats to birds frequent places
We must preserve the habitats of birds. It is essential to:
• remain on the trails;;
• do not damage the vegetation;
• do not disturb or alter the approaches and the camouflage of nests;
• do not disturb or alter the approaches and the camouflage of nests;
•do not leave waste, even biodegradable, elsewhere than in the spaces provided for this purpose.
We must respect the private and public properties. It is essential to:
• follow the instructions displayed;
• obtain permission before entering private properties;
• leave entrances and passages identified;
• close barriers and do not tamper with the fences.
• do not disturb farm animals or trample crops;
• send your comments to those who allowed you to access their property.
We must respect the other. It is essential to:
• reduce all noises, such as those of the auto doors;
• speak in a low voice and restrict conversations to a minimum;
• allow everyone to observe the birds and help less experienced people;
• treat others with courtesy;
• know and recall the recommendations of this Code of conduct, if necessary.
We must exercise discernment before issuing a bird. It is essential to:
• properly evaluate if the bird can tolerate the inconvenience caused by a crowd, particularly in breeding season;
• well assess whether the site can withstand an influx of suitable and safe way;
• do not disclose bird on private land without having informed the owner of affluence that this may cause and without his permission.
• do not hesitate to seek advice from more experienced persons before making the decision broadcast the presence of the bird.
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